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Winter break was your favourite time of year. Snow, cute accessories, hot chocolate and cuddling in warm blanket. There was a first day of your break so after long night with your boyfriend, you decided to stay in bed as long as possible. It was noon as loud snap woke you up. You blinked few times and looked at free space next to you. It was cold which means Al got up waaaay earlier than you. You put a long shirt around your bare body and walked out the bedroom. Al stood in kitchen with grocery bags in his hands.
"Good morning, Al" you yawned
"Took you enough to get up" he murmured and put fresh vegetables in a fridge.
"Oh, it's not my fault" you smirked "you didn't let me sleep 'till the midnight"
"Whatever..." he finished with groceries and walked to you. You put your hands on his chest as he wrapped arms around your waist. He kissed you softly and rubbed your back.
"I've got to go, babe~" he let go of you "I will be back soon"
He grabbed his bat and rested it on his shoulder and went out.
You got hot bath, dressed and started reading a new book with cup of tea. There was nothing better than relaxing day and evening with your boyfriend. Yes, he was rough, rude and dangerous for all other people and he didn't hide it anymore but... when both of you were in his apartment, all alone, he was sweet and gentle. Of course, he didn't ask you for permission when he wanted to make out but he cared about you so much.
Like he said, he was back in few hours. He threw his bat in s corner of the room. You walked to him and froze.
"Is it blood?" you asked, his shirt was all red and his cheek was covered in it.
"Yea… Francis pissed me off so I needed to calm down before I am back" he smiled sheepishly and you sighed. The one thing you didn't like about him, he did kill people.
"Take off your shirt, I don't like sight of blood" you said and sat on a couch.
He went to bathroom and then joined you on a couch, all cleaned.
"Now, come 'ere" he grabbed your hips and sat you on his laps "and gimme a kiss"
You smirked "you left me alone in the morning"
"But I did groceries"
"And now you came back covered in blood"
"I know, you don't like that" he wrapped arms around you.
"I do not like it" you crossed your legs and put your arm around his shoulders.
"Come on, one kiss" he squeezed your other hand and grinned. You couldn't stop yourself from smiling at his missing tooth. You found it so adorable along with his childish personality. You kissed him slowly.
"Now" you cleaned a line of saliva "tonight is (fav movie) on tv, can we watch it?"
"Yeah" he answered. You smiled wide and ran to your bedroom for a blanket.
Al watched you as you walked back with your favourite blanket. You sat next to him and both of you watched the movie. From time to time you did little breaks for a kiss or cuddling, like every normal couple do. As movie ended you yawned and lay on Al's chest. He turned off the tv set and petted your hair. He watched you carefully. How did it happen? One day he was a total badass, killing and torturing people with no mercy and next day he helped you with some kitten you found in some alley. He loved you so much that he would do anything to make you happy. Oh well... no one knew his other side except yourself so it was fine.
He stood up and raised you up. It was his favourite part of your relationship, holding you in his arms when you sleep. Al entered a bedroom and placed you on the bad you shared. He took off his shirt and lay next to you.
"Good night, babe~" he purred and hugged you.
Next short story. Ok, this one has a 'real-life' story. So, few days ago I was at my friend's place, just chilling out. And (as I always do) I started talking about my stories. I told her about all 2P!Hetalia thing and that I like they evil personalities but sometimes I feel like they would be good partners for a girl. So my friend said me to write something sweet SO there it is! Some fluff from Al!! My personal favorite 2P is Mattie but Al is cool too.
I don't really know who created a 2P!America so I just hope the person is not mad at me because I used him :)

yay, one story from my to-do list, check
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Most people aren't sure of what they really want in life. I received this letter

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Take Barbra Wallace.. She was a pretty lucky girl, up till she got this same
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And deleted it. The next day her dad got fired and her mom dies in a car
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if the pain goes on im not gonna make it...!
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I always ignore these and im perfectly fine and have a good life, could you please not post these on other things?
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I agree. I always ignore them. They're fake anyway.
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Awww, so fluffy!! I love it!!!
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DAWWWWW :3 adorbs
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I love this story This is the 5th time ive read it and I still love it~
WiraLin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
Yea, I am proud of this story. Thank you for a comment, dear :-)
hellgirl-fan1 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Are the 2ps in the manga? Because I never seen them in the anime 
WiraLin Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
The male versions aren't. When Himaruya created the female versions of characters, he draw 2p females as well. The male versions was created by fans. I belive each character has his own creator, mostly they're admins of ask blogs on tumblr.
hellgirl-fan1 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
So they are really just someone's oc?
WiraLin Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
Yes, you're right.
hellgirl-fan1 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
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No they dont appear in the anime or manga
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Lillianalicerose Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
No... I thought he would get mad... But nope!
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wow.... that's just.... wow! XD i think i need to tell him i like 2p Canada, how do u think he will react? 
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make some for matt please?
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I already made one with Matt but I will make more because I love him :)
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