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January 12, 2013
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They were looking at me with their huge eyes. Kiku passed out them into my arms and left. He just said that their nice and to take care of them for a while. He didn't say anything more. Now they were sitting on my couch and I was sitting on a floor in front of them.
"So... your names are...?" I asked and reached my hand for their collars. They let me see. "... Iggycat and Americat, right?"
They meowed.
"What should I do with you, guys?" I sighed "what even a 'while' means to him?"
I got up and walked into kitchen, they followed me. I've never had a pet or anything so how would I take care of two cats. I opened a fridge.
"What do you want to eat?" I asked them and larger one, Americat, jumped into fridge and grabbed a hamburger I brought day before.
"Would you like me to heat it up?" I asked and he nodded. When I was putting it into microwave, the other cat jumped onto table and put his head into my teacup.
"What are you doing?" I grabbed his collar and setted him on the floor. He hissed quietly but stayed still. I served a warm hamburger to Americat and sat next to Iggycat. "So, you like tea, huh?" he meowed for an response. I was not sure if it's okay for cats but I did him some anyway. After their snacks they started a conversation, I guess. So I left them alone in the kitchen and sat in living room to watch tv. Few moments ago I heard some strange noises and hisses. I got up and checked. All my kitchen was in mess, pieces of my cup around the floor, plate into pieces as well and cats on a table.
"What happened here?" I yelled and they looked at me. "Why did you do that?"
I cleaned a mess quickly and sent a dead glare at them. "It was my favorite cup, you two. Thanks..." I ran into bathroom for a cold shower to cool down.

"See what you did?" England hissed at his brother "she's upset now"
"It's not my fault, Iggy" America meowed and looked at his paws.
"We can back to normal in any minute and if we change when she's upset she would kill us"
"Don't be stupid" larger one punched him slightly "she loves us, she would never does something like that"
"Shut up. We should fix it now" Iggycat looked around "but what?"
"Don't know, dude, something what she likes" Americat lay down
"She likes my roses" England smiled "but it's not as pretty as it used to be. I haven't took care of it since we changed"
"She likes to play games with me" America grinned "but I don't have thumbs, so I can't hold a joystick"
"Um..." smaller one jumped off of  the table "As a gentleman I should apologize first"
"Good idea!" America ran after his brother. They stayed in front of your bathroom's door, waiting for you.
They meowed at you as you walked out. You walked to your bedroom and climped onto it. Before you fell asleep, cats joined you. Iggycat nuzzled your cheek as Americat licked your other one. They both looked sad.
"Okay, I forgive you" you smiled and stroked Iggycat's fur, then petted Americat's head. They purred and get comfortable on your bed, smaller one on a free pillow and bigger one on your chest, purring loudly. He was heavy for a cat but you didn't mind and let him stay like this. You get comfortable yourself and pulled blanked around you and cats.
The next day your phone woke you up. You answer a call
"Good morning, _____-san" Kiku said calmly "how are you and cats?"
You looked at them. Iggycat woke up and were looking at you with his green eyes, since Americat was still sleeping at your chest.
"They're good, I guess" you said
"Good, I'm calling you because I have found a good home for one of them"
"Oh..." you felt sad, you actually liked the cats "I will be there in next two hours. Please, prepare one of them for me."
"Yes, sure"
"Thank you and see you soon"
So, you had to give away one of them. And one of them will stay with you. Which one will stay??
Next story, it's gonna be a 4 parts, kinda, series.
I am going to finish this series, series 'babysitting' and one more story I have in my mind for a while and... my LET'S MEET POLAND AND HETALIA COUNTRIES WITH ME! Yay!
I don't own Hetalia charakters and a picture which I found on

Intro: here~
England's ending: [link]
America's ending: [link]
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CrazyHetaliaLover13 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Once, my cat jumped onto the table and sat there. I was eating wurst, and she was staring at it. I leaned back a bit, and she grabbed it off the plate! I was all like :iconrunbitchrunplz:. She ended up eating it. :iconcanadasulkplz:
nyanmeowth Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Student Artist
:iconfrancesqealplz: omg how do i choose?
ShadowedEntity0607 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It is so adorable!!!!!!!!!! :iconfrancesquelplz: also I love That cover pic X3 I love cats right now my 25lb cat is beside me and is made cause I'm hugging him to death xD
EeveeIshAwesome Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
Kiku: gimme one of the cats
Me: *runs with cats* :iconrunbitchrunplz:
KitKatKittyz Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
-Promises to give one away-
Well... You can take...
Konakona321 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
One Does Not Simply Give Americat Or Iggycat away..
Ninjachicz Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013


I shall keep both.


pokemontime123 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
UchihaGhada Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
None I will never give them away
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