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August 15, 2012
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It happened some weeks ago. On Friday evening I was walking back to my flat. I live in not-so-big apartment on fourth floor. As always I opened main doors of my block, checked my mail box and wanted to walk into elevator but I noticed that doors of basement were open. It was strange because they're always closed. I wanted to check this out. I walked down the stairs. I heard some strange noises, like hisses or hums. Some of the corners were too dark for me and I didn't see that's there.
"Hello? Is someone there?" I asked, silent "There's no need to hide from me"
I went to place where hisses were the loudest. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pointed the light to the corner. It was a boy there. Boy? A man, he looks a little older than me. The things I noticed first were his eyes, they were bigger than other people's once. They were green, really beautiful big, emerald eyes and his thick eyebrows.
"Hello there" I said with a smile. "What are you doing here?"
He didn't reply. He pulled out his tongue and right after he pulled it in. I noticed that he was shivering, maybe he was afraid.
"Are you going to answer me?" I asked softly "Did you lost?"
He nodded.
"I will help you. Would you go with me?" I asked again. I didn't want to scare him so I slowly reached out my hand in his direction. He took my hand and we went to lighter place together. I was in shock when I've seen his whole body… snake. He hadn't legs, just green tail. He started to panic. He wanted to run away but I stopped him.
"Wait! You can't run away. What will you do later?" I asked "I'm going to help you, I promised it, right?" I smiled at him.

Throughout the weeks he accustomed to his new situation. I named him Arthur, he liked it. Again, it was Friday. I was lying on my bed and Arthur was lying on the floor. I can hear his hisses every now and then. I was searching for some information about snakes. Nothing what would help me. Suddenly, he stood up of the floor and slipped onto the bed.
"What's the matter, Arthur?" I smiled at him.
"P-Pet…" he hissed. I giggled and petted his head, he has such a fluffy hair, I loved it~. And yes, Arthur learnt how to speak, slowly but then he knew some simple words.
I felt his tail around me. He didn't look like that but he really liked to cuddle. He was more like cat, he liked to hug, he loved sleeping and he did not like than someone tell him what to do.
"What's going on?" I asked "Do you want a hug?"
He nodded. I putted my arms around his shoulders and he hugged me tightly. He was so adorable.
Weeks passed one by one and I convinced that he is more like human than I've been thought.
He spoke more clearly, he was really smart and handsome and always acted like a gentleman. True is, he never told me about his past and that why he was in my basement but he seems to trusted me and I am sure I can trust him.
"_____, can I have some tea?" he hissed
"Why of course. I will do some for you right away" I laughed, I was happy he learnt so quickly. I went to the kitchen and he was right after me. I made him cup of his favourite tea.
"Watch out, It's hot" I said but he didn't listen to me. He suddenly pulled away from the cup which fell on the floor and crashed. He turned all red and ran away. I cleaned the mess as quick as I can and I went to my bedroom. He always hid in my closet. I opened the doors. He was lying on the floor, his tail around him.
"Arthur, what's wrong?" I asked softly while sitting next to him.
"I am so sorry. Are you mad?" he hissed and pulled his tongue out and in to his mouth.
"No, I can't be mad at you" I smiled
He ran his tail around my waist and hugged me. "Thank you, _____"
"Come on, I will make you another cup of tea" I smiled and hugged him back.
He nodded and we went to kitchen together.
I need my beta reader back!!!! I fail with grammar and all this stuff! :iconigiveupplz:

But finally I'm back from England and Hungary! Are you happy?
I still have a request to do, it's been some time since I got it so I need to hurry, right?
Btw, I hope you liked it~ because of fluffiness of the story xD

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