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Day like every day. You sighed. You were on your way to your family's house. You were preparing yourself for a punishment which probably was waiting for you. You lived with your father and his partner. She was the most annoying and fake person, always wanting to make you mad and then ran to your father for protection against you. Your father was nice to her and her son(Jack), who also lived with you, but he was rude to you. The story of your family was short and simple. Your father used to drink too much and cheated on your mother so she left him... and you too. You haven't seen her for almost a year. Back to your father. Not a long time after your mother left he found a new girlfriend and new child, who was one year older that you. You were so mad at him, he often treated you worse than that boy, he used to punished you in lots of ways for almost everything. You didn't care either. You treated him as bad as he treated you.
"Dad is so angry" the boy laughed when you entered the house "you shouldn't show up"
"Fuck you" you answered and walked to your room. Not a long time after that you heard loud footsteps and the door of your room opened.
"______, you messed up in school and after that you used bad language in my house" you father hissed at you and punched you on your cheek "learn how to act or I'll teach you myself"
He turned around and walked out.
"Huh? Got revenge" Jack chuckled as he stood as your doorway.
"Yeah... this one was nice for someone who is that weak that need to get someone else for revenge" you said in monotone voice.
"What did you say, whore?" he walked to you and reached hands to your shoulders. You punched him on a nose and turned around to pack yourself. He ran away, crying. You could heard a conversation between all three about that you broke Jack's nose.
"______, get your ass downstairs" your dad yelled. You smirked and tossed few more clothes and other staff into your backpack. When you trotted downstairs your dad and his girlfriend looked so pissed off.
"What?" you asked casually.
"You hit Jack" you father said and reached up his arm to hit you.
"He should learn to not to mess with others" you said and ran out of the house.
"Come back here in minutely" your dad yelled after you.
"No, screw you and your house" you yelled back "oh, and I will be back soon for rest of my stuff"
You took a taxi and got to your friends' apartment. You knocked and waited for someone to open up.
"_____, you're here!" greeted you loud, harsh tone of Gilbert's voice. Soon you were pulled into big, warm embrace.
"Yeah, hey there, Gilbo" you smiled.
"Huh? Why do you have this big backpack? Isn't it little too big?" he asked and took your bag
"I've ran away" you said simply "can I stay for a while?"
"Ja, natürlich" he let you inside.
"Hey, guys" you smiled warmly at the two sitting in a living room "how are you?"
"Petite ____" Francis hugged you "it's so nice to see you"
"Toni, Francis, ____'s going to stay with us" Gilbert said.
"Oh... something has happened?" Francis asked.
"I had an argument with my dad and others" you smiled again "if it's a problem I can get a hotel or something"
"No, no" Antonio wrapped his arms around you "you can stay but you have to promise me something"
"What is it?" you asked and blushed a little... yes, crush for sure.
"You will sleep with me" he cheered.
"What?" you, Francis and Gilbert yelled.
"Non, non, no way. She will stay with me" Francis said.
"Nein! You two are too unawesome" Gilbert pulled you into his chest. They started an argument about with who you would feel the best.
"Maybe I'd stay on a couch" you giggled at them.
"No way!"
"So...?" Antonio wore his best puppy eyes "Will you...?"
"Ah... damn" you couldn't resist his look "ok"
"Fantastico" Antonio kissed your cheek "come on, you need to pack out"
He took your backpack and dragged you to his bedroom then he prepared part of his closet for you.
"Toni... you really don't have to do all those things for me" you said smiling slightly.
"What are you saying, _____?" Spaniard grinned "of course I have to. Besides, I'd prefer you to stay with me than with those two"
You giggled and he smiled, blushing.
"_____, I need to ask you something" he started softly and you gave him full attention "We've known each other for so long... and from the first day I liked you so much."
"You know that I like you too" you grinned happily.
"I am glad to hear that" he hugged you "and I wanted to ask you if you'd like to be my girlfriend?"
Dreams can come true, you though.
"I'd love to" you hugged him back.
"Really? I'm so happy, amor" Antonio kissed your forehead.
"He did it!" you heard voice of Gilbert "Francis, where are my 20 bucks?"
You chuckled at them silliness and Toni blushed madly.

"What do you want to do with your padre?" Antonio wrapped his arms around you and let you rest on his chest.
"Don't know..." you sighed "I don't want to live with them. I hate that bitch"
Spaniard rubbed your back.
"You can stay with us as long as you wish" he said and kissed your forehead.
"I don't want to be a bother for you and others. I have no money and no job" you said.
"No, our parents are pretty rich and one more person to feed is not a problem anymore" he kissed you softly.

Antonio has been woken up by your phone who didn't want to shut up. He grabbed it and hanged up.
"Where are you?" said the voice from the other side.
"Que?" Antonio murmured sleepily "oh, you must be _____'s father, right? I'm sorry, señor, she's still sleeping"
"What? Where is she?"
Antonio gave him their address and hanged out. He shook your shoulder and whispered some sweet nothing into your ear.
"Toni? What are you doing?" you giggled.
"Your padre called. I gave him our address" he said.
"What? No, no, no" you panicked "he cannot come here, I don't want him to."
"Calm down, amor" he gave you quick peek on a cheek "you are adult by now, he can't ordered you"
You got ready and walked to kitchen where Francis was cooking a breakfast.
"Francis, _____'s dad will come over, probably very soon" Antonio said to his friend.
"Oh? Why?" Francis served you cups of coffee and fresh French toasts.
"Maybe he want force me to come back home" you mumbled.
"But you will stay with us, non?" Frenchman petted your head "we can't let you leave now"
"I want to stay here" you smiled sadly.
"And you will"
"What's going on?" Gilbert yawned, standing in a doorway.
"Our little guest is going to meet her father" Francis chucked.
"If he will come here, he can't do anything to you" Gilbert said and rubbed his eyes with his fists.
You were eating breakfast when someone knocked to the door. Francis went open them.
"Where is that brat?" you heard Jack's voice.
"Oh... mon ami, calm down" Francis cooed.
"I am not your ami. Give her back" your brother hissed.
"I'm not going to go with you, idiot" you yelled and ran to the hall where they were. Jack rushed to your side and grabbed your arm, trying to pull you after him.
"And what do you think you're doing?" Gilbert grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm back while Antonio wrapped his arms around you protectly.
"Let me go, bastard!" Jack yelled.
"How rude! You shouldn't call people like that" Gilbert grinned evilly and pushed him into Francis’ arms.
"Now, mon cherie" Frenchman smiled "what should we do with you? Maybe I could just rape you right now"
"W-what?" your brother looked like he would pass out.
"Francis, please, don't make fun of him" you chuckled.
"Ow~ but he looks perfect to bottoming" blond laughed.
"You're all sick" Jack shouted "Mom and dad will hear about it"
With this he ran out of the apartment.
"Amigos, I think you were too rough" Antonio chuckled "_____'d have problems because of you"
"Nah, I don't care" you kissed Spaniard's cheek "I want to move out of his house anyways"
They smiled at you.
"But it sucks" Gilbert said.
"Antonio is her boyfriend so I couldn't mess with her" he sobbed "Francis, do something"
You burst into laughter.

"Are you sure you don't need us all" Francis asked "Cherie, we can help you"
"Thank you, but I don't think that's good idea. Antonio'll go with me"
"Si, si~"
Hour after your brother's visit you decided to go back home for rest of your stuff. Trio went with you to help you with all bags. You opened doors with your keys and went upstairs. You unlocked your bedroom's door and started to pack up. When everything's done you walked downstairs.
"So, you decided to return home?" your dad smirked.
"Actually no. I am going to move out" you threw keys into him "there are my keys"
"What? You are just a stupid kid, you cannot move out" your father yelled.
"Oh, really?" you sang and showed him your bags "Look, I just did"
"You! Your friends bulled my son" your father's girlfriend showed up.
"No, no, they just like him so much" you smirked "now, excuse us"
"You're not going anywhere" your dad hissed.
"Make me"
He ran to you and reached a hand to slap you but Antonio stopped him.
"Señor, father shouldn't punch his child" he said.
"Who are you?"
"Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, señor” Spaniard smiled and let go off his hand.
"Get out of my house"
"Gladly" you grabbed Antonio's hand and went out.
Later that day.
"Aw~ finally I gave little sister" Gilbert squired and nuzzled your cheek "I've always wanted to have little sister"
"Mon ami, you used to love your brother" Francis chuckled.
"Ja, I do, but he's stronger than me and he doesn't like when I hug him"
"I can understand him" you mumbled.
“Now, Gilbert, gimme back my chica” Spaniard smiled darkly “or else…”
Gilbert gulped and let you go “Okay, have her for a while”
You smiled and sat on Antonio’s laps than hugged him.
Next story! yay.
That's third of my "Hidden Truth" inspired series.
Let me know if you want more of those sad background and fluffy main plot stories for others hetalia men xD There're going to be new episodes of Hidden Truth so I'd have lots of inspiration soon.
Oh, any... that part with France and Jack. It's just a joke! Don't hate be because of that I think Francis is a rapist ('couse I don't, I though it'd be funny) and don't make any "France x your brother" OTPs!!! O_O' Thank you :)

I don't own Hetalia.
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ladywitch26 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
His sorry
ladywitch26 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
Her father shouldn't have called hus daughter a whore when he's the one cheated on her mother. What a "WONDERFUL" parent he is
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA jack you totally deserved it you Fruker hahaha! any I really really really like this so much.
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it is so cute at the end! So. Fucking. Cute.
ich möchte Gilberts kleine Schwester sein! *schnief*
Aber Antonio ist auch so süß... und Francis mag ich auch...*sigh*
Sorry for random is my motherlanguage...
WiraLin Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
That's fine. I learn German so I can understand.
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Oh I love THIS! Especially when Francis threatened Jack! I agree that Francis is a Rapist!!

Aw I love mein new bruder, Gilbo and Boyfriend, Toni~! said Jack for the brother.... That's the male version of my name.... I WAS ALMOST RAPED BY FRANCIS!!!!! AND I WAS A JACKASS TO MYSELF!!!! :iconmiseryplz:
sweetpunklotta Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
sorry, but i'll have to disagree. Francis is NOT a rapist. Consider that France is the country of love, and that rape is not making love, it is making scars. It's horrible seeing that people think he's a rapist. He is NOT. If you are a true Hetalian fan, you would never say he is. Sorry if you'll feel offended by this, but I have the right to speak my mind as well. I loved the story, but the part about rape wasn't necessary.
This is why people hate Hetalia fans. It breaks my heart.
Shiniryuu-No-Kaze Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry I offended you and misunderstood your message in the description...

Now to go burn all my Hetalia stuff since I'm not a true Hetalia fan
TenshiNoAkasuna Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Fluffy, funny~
"Now, mon cherie" Frenchman smiled "what should we do with you? Maybe I could just rape you right now"
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And now imgine that I wrote it with my grandma siting next to me o.O'
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